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Beau Cut™

Beau Cut™ for Swarovski Gemstones

The innovative Beau Cut ™ was created by Swarovski in conjunction with Beau Han Xu – delivering exceptional brilliance and sparkle through the fine precision cutting.

With the generosity of an open brief, Beau’s thoughts turned to the inspiration behind his couture jewellery collection Splash! - in which his pieces capture the preciously beautiful moment of the impact of a falling water drop. These are moments the human eye cannot see but can be captured and caught on high speed cameras.

Bringing the Beau Cut™ alive, Beau was inspired by the shape of a perfect water droplet and collaborated with scientists and photographers to capture this exquisitely organic shape, formed by gravity.

These images of flawless water droplets fired his imagination. Applying his knowledge as a gemmologist, he transposed this perfect shape onto each facet of a stone, presenting a water drop faceted diamond shape, repetitively totalling 60+1 facets or 60 facets + 1 culet. So from the perfect water drop shape, the Beau Cut™ was created.

The Beau Cut™ is the perfect combination of organic form, entwined with the traditional brilliant cut shape – creating exceptional brilliance and sparkle through both the facets and the fine precision cutting by Swarovski.

Available in sizes from 1mm to 6mm.

Technical information

The proof of quality

Every single Swarovski Zirconia is marked with a specially developed, microscopic “Swarovski Zirconia” laser engraving that is completely invisible to the naked eye. This quality seal, as well as the use of the exclusive “Made with SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA” tag, serves as your assurance that you are acquiring a product set with zirconia of the highest precision and brilliance cut by Swarovski.

Swarovski Zirconia

Swarovski Zirconia is the first zirconia in history to adhere to the comprehensive set of standards for grading diamond cut quality of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the world’s foremost authority on diamond grading. The unmatched brilliance of Swarovski Zirconia makes it the finest and most diamond-like zirconia available today. Perfectly saturated colours and sophisticated cuts, which were inspired by the most famous fancy diamonds and stem from Swarovski’s history of more than a hundred years of precision-cutting expertise, place Swarovski Zirconia in a class of its own. The vivid shades are created with Swarovski’s patented surface enhancement process TCF™ (Thermal Colour Fusion) that is environmentally sound and does not expose the stones to irradiation. The colours are durable and of proven resistance for daily wear.


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